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Redwood Capital Advisors, LLC (“RCA“) is a value-based investment and consulting firm specializing in lower middle market special situation opportunities. Our firm’s focus is on creating value with our business partners by investing in inefficient markets where creativity, hard work, and disciplined risk-taking can generate exceptional returns for the benefit of all stakeholders. When RCA encounters stress & distress, we see operational bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and solutions that others overlook. It is our experience on both sides of the investment company that sets us apart.

Our Story

RCA and its affiliates were founded in 2009 as a boutique investment and consulting firm which has received a notable reputation of being well capitalized and ethical with a proven ability to execute transactions. As our proprietary deal flow channels began to grow in both quality and quantity, we started offering direct partnership opportunities to select value-add business’s and investment partners.

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What our
clients say

As the Founder & President of Brahman Capital, a multi-billion long short public equity hedge fund with a 30 year track record, it is very difficult to find the time to analyze middle market private investment opportunities. RCA has been my go to for off the run special situations since 2017. The GP’s offer turnkey investment solutions that have produced consistent outsized returns with little to no downside. Their direct sourcing gives me the opportunity to have a first look on a wide variety of niche situations. I highly recommend them for prospective investors looking to access local lower middle market investments in both private debt and equity.
by Mitch Kuflik, Founder & President of Brahman Capital
I have been investing with Redwood Capital Advisors LLC since 2018 and have been impressed with their expertise and professionalism. While having a firm hold on their niche market in Westchester County, they continue to expand their reach and find creative ways to add value in a competitive environment. The GP’s are highly motivated and highly knowledgeable, with extensive backgrounds in finance, acquisitions, and property management. They pound the pavement to find deals and execute quickly, earning them a reliable reputation with other professionals in the industry and making them a “first call” for future opportunities. I have also been particularly happy with the GP’s transparency and accessibility to the other investors. They provide regular updates on property performance, distributions, and financing activities, keeping you connected to your investment throughout the year. I would certainly recommend investing or doing business with Redwood Capital Advisors, LLC.
by Jake Kolb, Commercial Property Manager at Rockrose Development Corp.