Anthony Gigliotti
Anthony Gigliotti
Head of Property Management

Anthony Gigliotti

At Redwood Capital Advisors, Anthony Gigliotti stands as the Head of Property Management, a role in which he exemplifies expertise, diligence, and a deep commitment to excellence. With his extensive experience and nuanced understanding of property management, Anthony plays a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance and value enhancement of our diverse real estate portfolio. Anthony brings to Redwood Capital Advisors a rich background in managing a wide range of properties, from high-end residential complexes to large-scale commercial developments. His proficiency lies in his ability to seamlessly integrate operational efficiency with tenant satisfaction, ensuring that every property under his purview not only meets but exceeds industry standards. In his role, Anthony oversees all aspects of property management, including tenant relations, maintenance coordination, and compliance with all relevant regulations. His keen eye for detail and proactive approach to problem-solving ensure that properties are maintained to the highest standards, while also focusing on sustainable practices and innovative solutions to drive efficiency. Under Anthony’s leadership, the Property Management team is dedicated to fostering positive tenant experiences and building long-term value for our investors. His hands-on approach and commitment to continuous improvement have been instrumental in enhancing the operational excellence of Redwood Capital Advisors’ property portfolio. Anthony Gigliotti’s vision for property management aligns perfectly with the overarching goals of Redwood Capital Advisors — to create and maintain spaces that not only fulfill functional needs but also contribute to the well-being and success of those who occupy them.

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