Understanding the Landscape

Understanding the Landscape: A Guide to Types of Commercial Real Estate Investing

When shifting their gaze toward real estate, most potential investors think of single family homes....
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Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency in RV Destinations: Strategies for Optimal Depreciation Benefits

Investing in Recreational Vehicle (RV) destinations can be more than just a venture into the...
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RV Destinations

RV Destinations: 10 Reasons Why this Asset Class is Worth Investing In

As we embrace the new year, many investors are looking for new opportunities in the real estate...
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Construction Process

Construction Process for an RV Destination Development

IntroductionThe recreational vehicle (RV) industry has witnessed a significant surge in popularity,...
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Building Wealth Positively

Building Wealth Passively: The Commercial Real Estate Advantage

Why should you invest in commercial real estate?Unlike other rental property investment avenues,...
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Case Studies

cs manville

Case Study: 343 Manville Rd

343 Manville Road involved the acquisition of a unique 13,000 square foot special...
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cs fairfield

Case Study: 3142 Fairfield Avenue

The mixed-use property at 3142 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut,...
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