Benjamin Spiegel
Benjamin Spiegel
Founder, General Partner

Benjamin Spiegel

Benjamin Spiegel boasts a decade-long track record as a highly successful special situation investor, specializing in diverse asset classes. His expertise spans commercial real estate, direct lending, and private equity, with a proven history of deploying over $500 million across various firms. As the Founder and General Partner of Redwood Capital Advisors, LLC, Benjamin’s primary focus revolves around lower-middle-market commercial real estate and capital raising. His notable achievements include spearheading the acquisitions and restructurings of distressed assets, resulting in substantial earnings growth and setting new industry benchmarks for market valuations. Before establishing Redwood, Benjamin was a Credit Analyst at DG Capital Management, where he played a key part in the successful restructuring of companies during bankruptcy, leading to strategic mergers and premium valuations. His career trajectory includes valuable experience gained at Cedarview Capital and Barclays Capital in the earlier stages of his professional journey.

At Redwood Capital Advisors, we are focused on helping investors access hidden profits in private real estate opportunities.

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